A Taxi View Of Melbourne

A city such as Melbourne can be intimidating for newcomers especially students who are coming here to study. The city when viewed from a taxi looks modern, contemporary with a standard of living that is second to none. A taxi trip can be an eye opener and new arrivals will marvel at the city skyline and glistening buildings.

Newcomers will find that costs of living can be quite high (about the same as for example San Francisco or Singapore or even suburban London). It will be necessary to be careful in budgeting to manage housing costs especially for full time students.

Student accommodation and taxis

The great thing about University accommodation is that it takes away some of the need for commuting by taxi as far as studies are concerned. Tertiary institutions such as Melbourne University, Swinburne and RMIT will have campus residential colleges for students, and can be located both on- and off-campus. Student accommodation includes furnished premises, proximity to campus, relatively cheap rent and often catering facilities as well as access to other amenities and services.

Your initial costs for rental accommodation:

  • • Bond payments (at least 2 weeks and up to 4 weeks rent)
  • • Rental in advance
  • • Utility expenses (connecting to gas, telephone, electricity etc which can amount to several hundred dollars))

Student accommodation can range from $150 to $300 a week. Rent for an apartment in metropolitan Melbourne ranges from $350 up to $600 a week and many student shares this with one or more other students

Travel and other costs

The cab may not be your daily commute as a fulltime student but remains affordable and efficient for short trips especially if as a student you are unsure of the public transportation system.

Because Melbourne has quite extreme temperature ranges (5-7 degrees centigrade in winter up to 32-28 degrees in summer), many rental properties have heating and some have air-conditioning. In some cases apartments or houses are available as furnished accommodation. Students may need therefore to budget for fridge, washing machines and clothes dryers, beds, tables, chairs and lounge suites. These can be purchased second-hand goods from local traders, or by going on to eBay.

Taxis for students

As a student looking for accommodation you may attend an open for inspection held at a specific time, or make an appointment with the real estate agent. If attending an open for inspection, the real estate agent may ask for your name and phone number, for security. You will find that moving around by taxi is essential if you have several to look at in one morning. This may not be the cheapest form of transport and Melbourne does have an efficient transportation system, yet taxis do have their role – even in a student’s life!

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