World class taxi service

The Melbourne taxi industry is undergoing an extensive change and CABiT Melbourne’s newest taxi company is at the forefront of industry improvement. CABiT controls the whole value chain; owning the cars, depots, the taxi driving schools allowing for a better customer experience and a more reliable and consistent service.

The simple fact is that every city needs an efficient taxi system to support the public transport system. Our operators are highly organised with many layers including a Registered Training Organisation that meets the needs of people wanting to enter the industry as drivers. This is an example of the commitment to providing customers, drivers and employees with the best workplace and service possible as well as working for the greater good of the taxi industry.

In talking about CABiT we are essentially looking under the surface of the vast network of transport services available in Melbourne. The yellow cab is famous. What is for sure is that yellow cab will remain iconic and CABiT will ensure that training, customer service and technology keep advancing.